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1. Description:

-  Being one of the rare serviced apartment in Hanoi  complex buildings in Hoan Kiem district. It is convenient , quiet and open area... Especially , this building provides its customers the most necessary service .  So all the customers come here are satisfied with it. ~**~lt;?xml:namespace prefix=~**~quot;o~**~quot; /~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

 - It is located in the center of Hanoi , near  ,   Japanese Desserts   , Intimex Supermaket , Fivimart BS… , restaurants and hotels , bar and cafe with convenient position. ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

2. Basic information:

- Property     :  - Type           : 02 bedrooms , 01 bathroom - Location     : Hang Bai Street , ,   Hanoi ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Area           : 60 sqm - Price           : USD 900 - Status         : Available  ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

3. Features and equipments:

New ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Modern architecture ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Electricity cooker ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Microwave ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Full furniture ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

TV ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Bed , wardrobe ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Cable TV ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Balcony ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Blanket ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Sofa ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Generator ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Security 24/24 ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Cleaning service ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Refrigerator ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Electric stove ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Parking lots ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Washing service ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Washing machine ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Service 24/24 ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Cleaning ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

ADSL internet ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Dryer ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Air- conditioning ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


4. Utilities:

- Near banks , hospitals , restaurants , fashion stores , mini supermarkets ,   ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Convinient transportation ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Large and airy space ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Security 24 hours ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Cleaning and laundry 3 times per week. Relevant serviced apartments: Luxuriously serviced apartment in Tong Duy Tan str , Hoan Kiem dtr , Ha Noi city Informational contact: GCC GLOBAL CO. , LTD Office Adress: 5th floors , No.128 , Trung Kinh street , Cau Giay district , Hanoi , Vietnam. Tel: 04 – 6281 4286 / Fax: 04 – 6281 4318 Hotline: 84 905 399 099 http://homeid.com.vn Email: batdongsan.gcc@gmail.com Skype: batdongsan.gcc

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