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Office For Lease In Hanoi

Office For Lease In Hanoi

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1. Description

TID Tower office building Lieu Giai Street , Ba Dinh District , Hanoi , one of the downtown area~**~#39;s largest commercial development of Hanoi , hotels and offices: Daewoo Hotel , shopping center and office building Lotte... ~**~lt;?xml:namespace prefix=~**~quot;u1~**~quot;?~**~gt;~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;?xml:namespace prefix=~**~quot;o~**~quot; ns=~**~quot;urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office~**~quot;?~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

Surrounding the building are numerous office buildings and large public buildings , schools ,   international economic organization ,   many business premises ,   the bankingsystem ,  many business premises , the bank system ... should be particularly advantageous in the delivery services ,  business connection. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

  Office for rent in Lieu Giai str , Ba Dinh dtr , Ha Noi city ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

  2.Basic information

- Type of property :  Office space for rent ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Location : TID Building , Lieu Giai str ,   Ba Dinh District , Ha Noi ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Area : 700m2 ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Price : 15USD/m2 ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


  3. Utilities

- The building total area is 700m2 , including design wide floor 469m2 , the smallest area for rent of 100m2 , spacious lobby creates the best working space for customers. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Price above includes 10 % VAT , management fee , protection service 24/24 , public area sanitary electricity. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- The building has  ystem 3  elevators  speed with15 seconds. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Parking area in the building is full basement , with  width parking space outside the building. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Central air conditioning Fujitsu system can change temperature. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Standard light systems , aluminium ceiling soundproof AUSTRONG , glass window Temper consist of 2 insulation coats with international standard ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Security systems: professional security team 24 / 24h , modern CCTV camera system. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Has preventive dynamo high capacity ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Backup generator: 100% power backup with 02 generators of 300 KVA capacity of each machine. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Discussion with management about parking problems. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

-  Fire s afety ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

- Communication system: Street AMP cable , Internet service high-speed bandwidth. ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;



Having some sugestions: ~**~lt;/u1:p~**~gt;~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

L arge and cheap price in Lieu Giai str , Ba Dinh dtr ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;


Informational Contact: GCC GLOBAL CO. , LTD Office Adress: 5th floors , No.128 , Trung Kinh street , Cau Giay district , Hanoi , Vietnam. Tel: ( 84-4 ) 6281 4286 / Fax: ( 84-4 ) – 04 6281 4318 Hotline: 84 905 399 099 / 84 904 432 333 http://homeid.com.vn Email: batdongsan.gcc@gmail.com Skype: batdongsan.gcc ~**~lt;/o:p~**~gt;

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